Why is change so hard? How CBT can help!

Change is hard for everyone...and no matter how bad you know you need to change, and even if you have the best laid plains, getting the ball rolling can seem impossible. One of the biggest reasons why I have chosen to work with clients using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is because it helps to break down the process, from start to finish, that is holding you back from change. What are the thoughts that you are telling yourself that are keeping you stuck? Yes, they may be true...but are they helpful? Or, maybe they are not true AND unhelpful. Just as food is fuel to our physical bodies, the thoughts we tell ourselves are fuel to our emotional brains. If we are telling ourselves thoughts that are not quite accurate, or unhelpful, we are helping to create negative, or difficult emotions which can lead to unwanted behavior. While negative emotions are normal, and as much of a part of life as positive ones, we sometimes need help to train our brains how to think in a way that will lead to a more emotionally balanced mental state. Once we start doing the work of changing thoughts, our emotions follow suit, clearing the path for positive behavioral changes. This process is true for both children and adults, regardless of life circumstances, or misfortunes. Give it a try with the old "fake it until you make it," theory....tell yourself something positive about who you are, once a day, and see if you notice any changes in your behavior....even small ones are progress!