Helping your anxious child...

I have worked with children, from ages 6-18, who are experiencing a wide range of anxiety. Some level of anxiety in children is developmentally appropriate, as they are learning to navigate the freedoms and realities of the world we live in. However, some children tend to be more anxious or scared than others. They may show their anxiety by refusing to go to school, struggling to fall or stay asleep, withdrawing from friends and family, isolating, becoming irritable, angry, tearful, resistant to change in routine, or insisting on doing all things perfect.

In working with children, I use cognitive-behavioral therapy to help them identify, accept, and overcome their fears. This is hard work, and often children are resistant to it at first, but by taking it at their pace, encouraging bravery, making it fun, and offering rewards and incentives, most of my young clients make significant progress. I work closely with parents and caregivers so that they can continue to guide the child in a helpful direction, especially once therapy is complete.

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Helpful link:

"Freeing your child from Anxiety," by Tamar E. Chansky Ph.D.