What Do I Offer?

What does worry/fear take from you? When most people seek proffesional help, it is because they are suffering and are needing guidance to help get them back on (or started on) the path to living their best life. I often ask my clients, what would your life look like if anxiety weren’t running the show? What if you could learn to lean in to and even ASK for uncertainty? What doors would open for you if you knew how to be the master of your thoughts? My goal is to help people identify the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are keeping them stuck and work together to MAKE CHANGE. I help my clients to shift from a place of resistance to a place of acceptance and openness so they may get to the buisness of pursuing a life that is healthy, fufilling, and joyful.

While I offer therapy for a variety of mental health issues, I specialize in working with all ages (kids, teens and adults) who are struggling with anxiety, trauma-related symptoms, depression, and issues related to life transitions. If you or a loved one are experiencing panic attacks, social anxiety, general anxiety, separation anxiety, perfectionism, OCD, depression,  postpartum struggles, or symptoms related to a traumatic event, I can help. When anxiety sets in, it can feel like it is both “running” and "ruining" your life.  Research shows that cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most helpful treatment for people dealing with anxiety disorders (including OCD and PTSD).

Why Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Change is hard for everyone...and no matter how bad you know you need to change, getting the ball rolling can seem impossible. One of the biggest reasons why I have chosen to work with clients using CBT is because it's evidence-based, brief, effective, and teaches people how to be their own "therapist" when future problems arise. Together we work to change the thought and behavior patterns that are holding you back from making the changes you want to make.  The thoughts we tell ourselves are fuel for our emotional and behavioral well-being. I work to help my clients choose more helpful and productive thoughts, so they have the fuel they need to heal and thrive.

 CBT is considered a brief therapy, and for most problems improvement in symptoms can be seen quickly. Generally, the length of therapy is between 12-22 sessions. When we have met our goals, therapy is complete and clients can move forward with the attitude and skills they need to face life's challenges. Please note: Exposure therapy (ERP) is a main component of treatment, especially in treating OCD.

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